5 Insights from #VanLife

The Vermillion Cliffs, Arizona Know what kind of travel you want to do before you buy a van There are 3 main venues for van life:1. Campgrounds/RV parks - developed campgrounds with fees and facilities2. City boondocking/stealth camping - staying in parking lots or city streets/neighbourhoods 3. Public Land/National Forest Land - free camping on … Continue reading 5 Insights from #VanLife

Rating Our Route Through Northern Ontario Campgrounds

Part One - I can't say enough about Pukaskwa From August 15-29th, Alan and I made our way from my family cottage near Kenora, Ontario down to our final destination of Toronto. Our cottage is at the very Western edge of Northern Ontario only a half hour drive from the province of Manitoba. Having come … Continue reading Rating Our Route Through Northern Ontario Campgrounds

A Journey of 1,625 miles

From Merritt, British Colombia to Minneapolis, Minnesota in 3 days After our adventures at Bass Coast music festival the moment we had been dreading arrived. We had three days to drive from the mountain town of Merritt to Minneapolis where my flight to Austin, Texas was departing at 8:30am the morning after we would arrive. … Continue reading A Journey of 1,625 miles

Rivers, Lakes and Streams II

Part Two: Blue, blue water Well, I have fallen far behind in my posting as predicted. I have not had a chance to write while we have been busy with our social agenda. Nevertheless, I will now attempt to dig deep into my memory and finish up my account of the last leg of our … Continue reading Rivers, Lakes and Streams II

Rivers, Lakes and Streams

Part One: The Dons (June 23) Here we are just a two days from our 6 week vanniversary and on the precipice of our summer social adventures. Tomorrow we are taking the ferry to Victoria, BC and I will be back on home soil just in time for Canada day. While we are in Victoria … Continue reading Rivers, Lakes and Streams

5 Things I Learned from my First 2 Weeks of #VanLife

Sleep Over Everything Going from sharing a King size bed to a twin in the van, we knew there would be an adjustment period. After about three nights of sleeping together in the pop-up top bed, we figured out that for either of us to get a decent night’s rest it made more sense to … Continue reading 5 Things I Learned from my First 2 Weeks of #VanLife

Upgrading our VW Van Closet

After our first three weeks of #Vanlife, we came to realize several things about Savannah that are less than ideal. At the top of that list was our closet. It is an oddly shaped thing at the back of the van which I will now attempt to describe. The left side has two shelves with … Continue reading Upgrading our VW Van Closet

Pay it Forward

This is a story about our first van life crisis and the power of human kindness. We had set out towards Big Sur to one of Alan’s favourite places; Prewitt Ridge. Alan has been there a few times and has told me about its magical sunsets on many occasions. We were both very excited to … Continue reading Pay it Forward

DIY Vanlife Curtains

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Savannah the day we met her, but she was a little well… drab. All grey and beige interior, no colour at all. While there were many upgrades we wanted to make, one of my first priorities became installing some nice bright curtains. Here’s my little ‘how to’ guide for … Continue reading DIY Vanlife Curtains